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Self Help Tips

Take Frequent Breaks

Change positions regularly to give your muscles the rest needed to support you better when you return. If you're sitting, stand up. If you're bending over, stand and arch backward. A 60 second break every 20 minutes is ideal.

Walk 30-minutes briskly on a flat surface
Its important to keep your body's circulation working well. This helps to increase healing. If pain arises take breaks as needed.

Apply ice
Should your pain become severe, apply ice to the area for 20 minutes. Do not put directly on the skin.

Do not sit longer than 15 consecutive minutes.

Use foot ease, curb, etc. for one leg during prolonged standing to lower pressure on your back.

Sleep on your side with pillows below the knees or on back with pillows under your knees.

• Apply ice to the shoulder as soon as the pain begins or if your pain increases. Do not ice for more than 15 minutes.

•Recipe for a professional like ice pack: Put 2/3 part water to 1/3 part isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) in a zip lock bag. Put into the freezer for the next time you need an ice pack. The alcohol won't let the water freeze and it will be similar to a slushy.

•Wear a thin t-shirt under the ice pack to protect your skin. Allow 20 minutes before re-applying the ice.

•Always lift with your palms up. It takes the strain off the tendon causing the pain. Place an ice pack on the area of pain for 20 minutes. Do this treatment 5 or 6 times a day if you can, until you notice the pain subsiding

•Wear a tennis elbow brace just below the elbow. It will allow the tendon to rest by applying a counter force and allowing it to heal. A trained therapist at DASH can accurately fit and teach you how to apply the splint.

• Practice good posture – good posture puts your body in the most efficient and least stressful position. Imagine a straight line connecting your ear, through the middle of your shoulder to your hip and knee.

•Use your largest and strongest joints - whenever possible spread the load over a larger surface and take the stress off your smaller joints.

• Splinting work and rest - by organizing your day, setting priorities and scheduling rest time you decrease the stress on your joints from repeated tasks and fatigue.

• Change positions often - your muscles fatigue when held in the same position. You should move or stretch every 15 minutes when reading, watching television or using the computer.

• Get help - help may come in the form of family and friends or an electric appliance such as a can opener that eliminates the stress on the small joints.

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Patient Testimonials
“Therapy is great! The staff is great, terrific, helpful and my shoulder pain is much better. I can reach over my head! I highly recommend DASH therapy for all patients. Thank you.” -Ms. Irma R.

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