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Doctor of Occupational Therapy/licensed, Certified Hand Therapist:
Kimberly Glick, OTD, OTR/L, CHT “Kimber”

Dr. Glick's journey in occupational therapy began in 1993 when she earned her bachelor's degree from Colorado State University. Subsequently, she pursued her post-professional doctorate at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah. With a wealth of experience in the field, she cherishes the diverse learning opportunities her career has provided, enabling her to both learn and teach.

In her early career, Dr. Glick specialized in Hand Therapy.  She then embarked on a year-long journey as a traveling therapist, gaining expertise in physical dysfunction and treating various diagnoses. Her career path then led her to specialize in pediatric care. She served at the Muscular Dystrophy Clinic of a local hospital. Later, she returned to outpatient orthopedics, focusing on upper extremity injuries. Dr. Glick's dedication led her to present at the Occupational Therapy Association of California and create a three-day certified course based on practice standards and research, funded by NHTSA & SJSU. She also excelled as an ergonomics presenter and trainer, passing rigorous national exams, including the Certified Hand Therapy national exam which she passed in 2008.

At DASH Therapy, Dr. Glick specializes in serving both the patients with hand injuries and children with disabilities.  She oversees the ever-growing pediatric clinic with her extensive knowledge and expertise.  

Dr. Glick, originally from Colorado, has called the Central Valley home for over two decades. Married with a son, she takes pleasure in California's outdoor activities, particularly in the local mountains and along the central coast. Her commitment to serving her community fills her with pride, and she continues to be grateful for the opportunity to make a difference through her work.

Doctor of Occupational Therapy/licensed, Certified Hand Therapist:
M. Colette Jewell, OTD, OTR/L, CHT “Colette”


Dr. Colette Jewell is a highly skilled Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of dedicated experience in the field. She embarked on her journey at Colorado State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (BSOT). Her commitment to advancing her expertise led her to Rocky Mountain University, where she achieved a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

Dr. Jewell's career has been marked by an unwavering dedication to the practice of Hand and Occupational Therapy. Her commitment to excellence in this specialty is exemplified by her prestigious achievement in passing the Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) exam in 1991.

For seven years, she was the proud owner of the Visalia Hand Center, a testament to her leadership and vision in the field. When Kaweah Delta acquired the Visalia Hand Center, she transitioned seamlessly into creating and managing their hand therapy department, a role she held for 14 years.

With a wealth of experience under her belt, Dr. Jewell possesses extensive knowledge of upper extremity diagnoses and treatment protocols. Her impact extends beyond her clinical work, as she has both treated thousands of patients and mentored numerous hand therapists.

Dr. Jewell's commitment to education and training is evident in her endeavors. She has not only taught but also trained in specialized areas of hand therapy, showcasing her passion for passing on her knowledge to future generations of therapists. Her expertise extends to various therapeutic techniques, including ART (active release technique), soft tissue mobilization using Graston tools, orthosis fabrication, kinesiotape application, and neural mobilization treatment strategies.

Beyond her impressive career, Dr. Jewell shared her expertise on a global scale, spending time in both Kenya, Africa, and Goa, India, where she has trained and taught other therapists in hand and occupational therapy.

In her leisure time Dr. Jewell finds joy in activities such as pickleball, travel, and spending quality time with her cherished grandchildren.

Elizabeth Schenkel



In 2007, Elizabeth fell on broken glassware and severed a thumb tendon. The injury changed her life.

  After enduring many months of therapy to restore her hand’s function, Elizabeth decided that she would pursue studies to become a hand therapist herself. She earned her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California, and embarked on her new career as a professional hand therapist in 2014.

  Elizabeth draws on her own traumatic experience, her knowledge of the body, and her skills from various other occupations to give her patients caring, empathetic therapy to improve their health and happiness.


Elizabeth is also an active member of an art studio in Fresno. Her love for sculpting in the three dimensions has furthered her love for and proficiency in her clinical splinting skills.

Occupational Therapist/Certified Hand Therapist
Karen Sorensen, OTR/L, CHT

Karen has dedicated her career to pursuing excellence in Hand and Occupational Therapy. Originally hailing from Washington and growing up as an Army child, she has had the unique experience of living in Germany and Southern California. Karen earned her Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Southern California.

Early in her career, she served as a staff therapist, supervisor, and program coordinator, specializing in Spinal Cord, Head Injury, and Cardio-pulmonary patients at Ranch Los Amigo Medical Center in Southern California. Driven by her passion for coordinating an Upper Extremity Tendon Transfer Program, she transitioned to Hand Therapy and achieved certification in hand therapy in 1991. Karen's primary goal is to ensure top-quality patient care, regardless of the severity of the injury. She utilizes evidence-based approaches and creative problem-solving to design orthotics and programs that yield optimal results for her clients.

Karen holds certifications in Hand Therapy, as well as proficiency in using Graston Tools and Active Release Techniques. She has delivered international courses on: rehabilitation after tendon transfers in the arm, hand therapy, and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation. Her research on hand-related topics has been published in the Journal of Hand Surgery and Hand Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy. Additionally, Karen has developed a comprehensive home program package of exercises that has been widely adopted by other hand therapy clinics.

Outside of her professional life, Karen and her husband have raised two sons in Visalia and embarked on adventures across every continent, including the frigid landscapes of Antarctica. She is also an accomplished artist, garnering awards for her painting and drawing. Karen is an active volunteer, serving as a 4H leader, where she teaches leathercraft and knitting. She has actively participated in the PTA and Band Booster organizations. In her leisure time, she cherishes moments with her family, loves to travel, and enjoys the company of her four-legged and shelled companions, including dogs, cats, chickens, Koi fish, and 80-pound tortoises.

Amanda C. Amaral, COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) Pediatric Specialist


Amanda C. Amaral, COTA, is a dedicated professional with a passion for Occupational Therapy. Her journey began at St. Catherine University, where she graduated in 2022 with an associate degree in applied science. Amanda's story is one of transformation and commitment to her chosen field.

Amanda's career at Dash Therapy started in 2016 when she joined as a receptionist. Over the course of six years, she not only fulfilled her duties at the front desk but also discovered her profound interest in Occupational Therapy. This revelation ignited her determination to become a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA).

Amanda's diverse experience spans various domains, including skilled nursing, hand therapy, and pediatrics. However, it's in the realm of pediatric Occupational Therapy that her passion truly shines. Her dedication to helping children achieve their full potential is both inspiring and heartwarming.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Amanda is committed to giving back to her community. She actively participates in philanthropic work, organizing community service activities for the youth and young adult group at the Visalia Woodland SDA church.

Born in Long Beach, California, Amanda was raised in Visalia, where she has deep-rooted connections. She is happily married and recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into her family. In her cherished spare moments, Amanda enjoys the art of cooking, indulging in movie nights, and embarking on adventures with her little family.

Amanda C. Amaral, COTA, brings a wealth of experience, a heart full of compassion, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves. Her journey from receptionist to Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant is a testament to her unwavering dedication and love for her chosen profession.

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant/ Pediatric Specialist
Ashlley Nguyen, COTA

Ashlley pic_edited.jpg

Growing up, Ashlley was certain that art was her passion. As life made an unexpected turn, her path led her to Occupational therapy (OT). She learned that her passion derives from the art of creating meaningful opportunities, such as the OT profession provides. Ashlley strives to use her creative skills to provide innovative techniques to deliver purposeful interventions promoting health, wellbeing, and participation in activities of daily living (ADLs). She understands that a single approach will not work for every individual; therefore, Ashlley remains open to thinking outside the box to provide a variety of evidence-based interventions to encourage patient/client-centered treatment.


- Graduated from California State University, Fresno in 2017 with a BS in Health Science - community health option.
- Graduated from Clovis Community College in 2023 with an AA in Occupational Therapy Assistant and Social Science.


- Work experience in pediatrics (in-home, clinical, and school system) and hand therapy (outpatient).
- 4 years of ABA (applied behavior analysis) experience.


- Hobbies: drawing/painting, crafting, spending time with family and friends, going to music festivals, travel, exploring local events, and binge-watching movies/shows.
- Born and raised in Fresno, CA.
- Proud mom of two tabby cats.

James Garcia, COTA  Clinical Director


Meet James, our Clinical Director, and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) with a strong background in pediatrics and hand therapy. Before earning his COTA degree from Santa Ana College, James dedicated five years of his career as an occupational therapy aide at Dash Therapy. His educational journey includes a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from California State University Northridge.

James is fueled by a genuine passion for his profession and a relentless commitment to restoring patients to their pre-injury level of function. Beyond his clinical work, he is actively engaged in advancing the field of occupational therapy, serving as the Fieldwork Coordinator at Dash Therapy to mentor and guide future OT professionals.

Originally hailing from Visalia, California, James cherishes his free time exploring the great outdoors, whether it's the serene central coast or the picturesque local mountains. Additionally, he's an avid fan of live sporting events, finding joy in both watching and attending them.

Brian Monty


Brian is an occupational therapist with years of experience in working with hands and the geriatric population such as himself. 

Our Front Office Staff

Mari pic_edited.jpg

Our Front Office Coordinator
Maricela Davila

You might encounter Mari’s welcoming smile at the reception area, or you may find her managing administrative tasks and assisting with your insurance concerns at her desk.


Our Front Desk Staff
Marlyn Hernandez

Marlene diligently works behind the scenes to ensure that if you've sustained a work-related injury and have workers' compensation insurance, you'll receive prompt care at DASH Therapy. Additionally, you may find her assisting with scheduling and addressing other front office issues. Her considerate nature guarantees a positive experience in our office.


Our Front Desk Staff
Erika Corrales

Erika is often the warm, welcoming face you'll encounter when you arrive at DASH Therapy. Meanwhile, Erika adeptly handles phone calls, scheduling, and provides assistance with insurance authorization and billing.

Our Back Office Staff


Our Occupational Therapy Lead Aide
Missael Escareno “Mika”

Mika will guide you through home exercises and administer therapy modalities, including electrical or light therapy. With years of experience at DASH Therapy, he'll efficiently assist you in achieving your therapy goals. As a passionate soccer enthusiast and player, he'll also enjoy engaging in sports-related conversations with you.


Our Occupational Therapy Aide
Bertha Pena  “Bethi”

Bethi aids our patients with their therapy and provides support at the front desk. Her presence is sure to bring an abundance of positivity and good humor to your experience at DASH Therapy.


Our Occupational Therapy Aid/Licensed Massage Therapist
Yvonne Steel-Guerrero

Yvonne is our exceptional aide and massage therapist. She'll guide you through your exercises and offer advice on soft tissue elongation, along with suggestions for therapeutic massage. Her positive energy, composed demeanor, extensive knowledge of bodywork, and skilled hands ensure you'll receive top-notch care.


Our Occupational Therapy Aide
Ruby Basaladu

Ruby helps our patients with their exercises and therapy modalities. She's dedicated to continuous learning and aspires to build a career in the medical field.

Elissa pic_edited.jpg

Our Pediatric Occupational Therapy Aide
Elissa Sanchez

Elissa is deeply passionate about working with children and contributes to creative and enjoyable therapy sessions for our pediatric patients at DASH Therapy. Children adore her because she turns therapy into a fun experience while diligently helping them achieve their goals.

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