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Our certified hand therapists (CHT's) can create a customized splint to meet your medical needs. Injuries that may require the use of a hand splint, also known as an orthosis, include bone fractures, strained ligaments, arthritis, burns, torn muscles, sprains, and post-operative hand surgery.


Custom splints can help to immobilize injuries to help speed up your recovery and decrease pain. Custom orthoses are easily modified to adapt to decreased swelling or any other changes during the course of therapy.


Splints can be made for a patient’s shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, finger, or all three areas together. 


Here are some common reasons for the use of splints:

  • Pain reduction

  • Increase or maintain range of motion of a joint

  • Correct or help prevent deformities 

  • Improve functional use of the arm or hand 

  • Promote healing


Advantages of Custom Splints

An-off-the shelf or prefabricated orthosis is usually only available in sizes small, medium and large. This only offers the patient limited adjustment options. A custom splint is made as an exact fit to the patient. The better the splint fits, the better the results. Custom splints are also easier to clean and easily modified as needed. 

Is it covered under my insurance?

Dependent on your insurance plan, your splint may be covered!

Call us at (559) 627-3274 for details as each case varies. Your certified hand therapist will guide you through the process.


Custom splints & orthoses can be made from a thermoplastic material that is heated in warm water and molded to custom fit each patient. 


These custom splints/orthoses can be used to rest or protect a painful joint, give stability to increase pain free  functional use, or to increase pain free motion in a stiff joint.

Custom Splints (Orthoses) 

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